Book Review: Cold Calling Early Customers: Lose your fear and book ten appointments this week

Recently I read Cold Calling Early Customers by Robert Graham.


Robert Graham is author of a blog, where he writes of his adventures as a software entrepreneur.  He is a fan of the Lean Startup methodology and a follower of Eric Reis,  and Steve Blank.


The book opens with the answers to two questions; “Who should read this book?” and “Why cold calling?”  To answer the first he states:

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When is the best time to Send Email to your List?

Email based marketing is a key component in many SaaS businesses – we all know we need to do it.  But. have you every thought about WHEN you should be sending those emails for the best customer engagement?  Do you have a strategy in place?

If not, no fears, GetResponse, one of the leading email providers, has your back with a great InfoGraphic.  Based on real-world metrics from over 21 Million emails, GetResponse has put together an amazing resource on the best times to send mails, when you’ll see the highest open rates, and some logic (and lot’s of statistics) around the data.

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