Tip: How to get a cheap domain name

If your anything like us, you probably buy quite a few domain names.  As entrepreneurs we’re always coming up with new ideas and visions, and many times step one is the domain name (even if it shouldn’t be).

So, here is a quick tip to get inexpensive names…

instead of going straight to a site to buy them (GoDaady, NameCheap, etc..) use Goole and do a search for “Domain Name”.

You’ll see Ads at the top and generally be able to click through and get a domain for .50 – .99 cents.  Just pay attention at checkout, they always try to upsell many things you probably don’t need.



  1. Kent Bliven   •  

    Great tip. Also, while you can usually score a new domain name for $0.99, renewals are a little harder to come by, although you can still get them cheaper than list price. Since GoDaddy has raised their prices, most renewals will cost around $15 and they may automatically apply a slight discount to get that down some. To get it down even further, just search google with the following keywords : godaddy renewal coupon 2013. This should take you to a number of sites with lots of codes. You may have to try more than one until you find one that works, or gives the best results. I have been using GD50bbpd5 for the renewals and getting them down to $8.49. Please let me know if you find something that gets it lower than that. If you buy SSL certificates through GoDaddy, use IAPssl7 to renew them for $12.99 rather than the list price of $60.

    Keep in mind that you can use this technique for almost anything you buy online that has a promo code during their checkout process. I have used it for rental cars, clothing outlets, etc. You don’t always find something but it never hurts to look.

  2. edh   •     Author

    Great tips, Thanks Kent!

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